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NoobsOfDoom News
Another nub joins the madhouse
noobs logo1

Welcoming the newest member of the nuthouse in the form of the privately schooled silver spooned squeaky ("i don't know where to stand"Wink teenage nublet of CODness but we can let him of with the last bit since we all have our suspect games played.

Only been with us a couple of weeks including the trial but since he has a sense of humour and can actually give us some shit back that's better than FUCK OFF BAGS (yes mike aimed at you).

Well anyways welcome and all that bolloxs

By Scotland seasons in The Nubs welcome Tipjar on Thursday 26 June @ 12:40
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NoobsofDoom link up with

Noobs of Doom have hooked up with Mystic Gaming as part of their multi gaming expansion type dealy thingy.

Pleased to get this sorted as it should help with the expansion of both teams / communities.

From all the nubs cheers

By Scotland seasons in Css go is cake? on Monday 21 April @ 21:03
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Born from the ashes of Xdesert rats and trigger happy gamers, the noobs of doom have been going since 2007. We've been active since css 1.6, top 20 in before its new owners murdered it all the way through to our new home of counterstrike global offensive.

We're all 21 plus with lummy being our icle baby, like a smoke and a beer with the added incentive of popping heads in between the general fucking about on teamspeak, the random trips to Amsterdam, numerous trips to the tattoo studio and certain people playing with soap.

By Scotland seasons in Css go is cake? on Monday 21 April @ 18:35
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The Nubs join

With the competitive gaming worlds of enemydown, esl and kgl being dead to world of Counterstrike global offensive we have jumped head first into the new 5v5 European league as steams match making service is utter crap to be fair.

Leetway brings the activity of the steam global empire, the basics of the match making service together with the active side of competitive gaming. Difference is we wont be up against a bunch of pub nubs or vac banned smacktards The full article gives the details of their anti-cheat service and game rules.

By Scotland seasons in Css go is cake? on Monday 21 April @ 16:06
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